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Browse content from across your apps, intelligently organised just for you.

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TV personalised for you.

Movies and shows are grouped in ways that reflect your interests. So you can binge your favourite sagas and find your way to unchartered worlds.

Discover something new.

Hit play and explore faraway places. Based on what you watch, Google TV helps you discover what to enjoy next.

The Google TV interface that shows content related to
“Show me funny movies”

Find whatever you’re looking for.

Ask Google to quickly search for content across apps and services. It’s easy to find everything from jungle escapades to intergalactic comedies. Start watching right away or save the fun for later.

Curate all your movie nights.


Add to your watchlist on the go.

Or from the other room. Search content on your phone, then tap to add it to tonight’s lineup.

A world made just for kids.

Helping you guide kids to age-appropiate content, in a space that's all their own.

An illustration of an astronaut tethered to a rocket ship gives way to the main Kids Mode UI.
An illustration of an astronaut tethered to a rocket ship gives way to the main Kids Mode UI.
An on-screen pop-up showing the "Welcome parents" message. In the foreground around it are illustrations of a sloth and a stag beetle in some foliage.

Set kid-friendly filters for apps, movies and shows.

Parents can also use the Family Link app to block and unblock apps, control app activity and more, right from their phone.

A darkened illustration of the night sky. In front of it is the control panel to set a bedtime.

Limit how long they can watch and easily set bedtimes.

TV that goes beyond TV.

Make Google TV yours.

Select your favourite Google Photos to enjoy when your TV is idle.

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